State of California

Department of Transportation
District 3 – Division of Maintenance
Marysville, California

The TD-4100 helps California Department of Transportation save taxpayers $500,000 annually.
CALTRANS uses a Transportable Treatment Unit (TTU) to service our wash-rack sumps and our hoist pits. The TTU consists of a flat bed truck, coalescing oil/water separator, a filtration system, a vacuum system, computer with data logger and a Turner Designs TD-4100 monitoring/detection system. With this unit we are able to reduce the amount of our self-generated waste, thus reducing taxpayer expenditures in this area and complying with the mandates of SB 14. We are able to achieve this because we process the waste stream by filtering and cleaning the water on site and don’t have to pay to dispose or recycle it. With the addition of the TD-4100 system we are able to test our effluent in real time, eliminating the need to send samples out to independent labs for analysis. This of course also saves money for the taxpayers in that we eliminate the need for further testing.
A typical operation would go like this:

Set up on site.
Vacuum all floating product off the top of the water into a 55-gallon drum.
Pump water through separator, filters and the 4100.
Return treated effluent to system.
Vacuum sludge into 55-gallon drums to be recycled.
By combining these different products and technologies, we are able to realize significant financial and environmental savings. We save taxpayers approximately $500,000 a year with our TTU program.


Steve Greason

Instrument: Model TD-3100
Application: Soil Analysis: TPH, BTEX & PCBs

siteLAB® manufactures tests kits to measure soil contamination in the field. Since 1998, we have been purchasing the TD-3100 fluorometer from Turner Designs through an exclusive OEM contract. The TD-3100 is the core technology to our “UVF Analytical Test Kits.” siteLAB® also supplies sample extraction kits, calibration kits and software, necessary to process, analyze and report test results quickly and quality controlled. Our product is sold worldwide to environmental consultants, contractors and laboratories who need to test for a variety of different types of petroleum hydrocarbons. We’ve recently added a PCB model, which is marketed to utility companies.

siteLAB® has a very special relationship with Turner Designs. We consider ourselves their “Soil Application Specialists.” We also consider ourselves very lucky and fortunate to be doing business with Turner as they simply make the world’s best ultraviolet fluorescent spectrometers. The support staff at Turner has also been terrific.

Since I first began experimenting testing soils with Turner’s 3100 model over four years ago, I have never experienced any problems with their instruments, nor have my customers to this day. siteLAB®’s UVFs have been exposed to all kinds of extreme weather conditions and handled by people from Alaska to Belgium. The 3100 never suffers from calibration “drift.” It is a very rugged, dependable and versatile workhorse and is simple to operate.

We pride ourselves on making the most scientifically sound and most accurate field screening tool on the market. Every federal and state regulatory agency we’ve contacted is very supportive of our product, primarily because we utilize Turner’s UVF technology. In 1999, we even received the EPA’s Environmental Technology of the Year Award, thanks, in part, to Turner Designs.

As a business looking to always improve our product, while keeping our manufacturing costs to a minimum, I am always interested at other fluorometer companies. I have to be. Believe me, nobody even comes close on providing an instrument that can do all the things we require it too do at such a reasonable price.

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