DNV Certified

DNV CertIntroducing the World’s ONLY DNV Clean Design Certified 5 PPM Bilge Alarm!

The new TD-107 5.0 features self-compensating electronics that corrects for fouling of the sample cell, along with a Cell Condition Monitor to alert crew when cleaning is required. Other features include:

  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • FLUORESCENCE detection technology is resistant to interferences from turbid or dirty water that impact light scatter devices.
  • Substances such as sediment and rust do not materially interfere with the detection of oil in water.
  • FLUORESCENCE detection ensures that the Oily Water Separator is not ‘fooled’ into staying in recirculation mode by false positives caused by silt and other solids.
  • Includes standard alarm relays and 4-20mA output for remote monitoring, along with user-friendly USB data port for review of recorded OCM data.
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IMO Certified

Now, there is an oil-in-water monitor that actually measures oil in water and is not affected by suspended solids!

The new TD-107 ™ uses our signature FLUORESCENCE measurement technology in a unique new package that can be universally applied to bilge water monitoring. Priced within range of standard light scatter type instruments, the TD-107 is low maintenance, rugged, and has all the features defined by marine customers and regulators including Cell Condition Compensation up to 50% reduction in light transmission, 18mo+ Internal Permanent Memory with data transfer via USB memory stick, 4-20mA output and alarm relays. Memory includes all events and complete ppm vs. time record. It is designed to interface directly with existing mounting for replacement of obsolete OCM technology. Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. of Fresno, CA has teamed with NAG Marine of Norfolk, VA for exclusive worldwide sales and service to the marine industry for all bilge alarm applications.

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